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The Dresser Drawer

An ordinary room that hides a sad secret.

Only she knows where she has to keep it.

Sitting against the wall of her spare room

In the third drawer holds yesterdays gloom


So long ago from her past are the letters

One would hope that time would make it better

Not so, for the drawer has been locked from the start

Holding the sadness that’s still locked in her heart


Open the bedroom door, open the dresser drawer

Open the window and let the new light in

Fear no more tomorrow, fear no more for sorrow

Tare up the memories that tied you to him


Make new wishes, let light come through your door

Tie a bright ribbon round new loves that last forever more

Look in the mirror and see a new you like never before

Vanished are the secrets hidden in the back of your dresser drawer

Eileen ~ 2012