My life was so busy with work and family

Children and pets, shopping and play

Cleaning, and doing work for the manly

Not a free moment, not for me any day


My children had many pets over the years

Pigs and a pony, ducks and chickens

Little dogs, big dogs, a rabbit with floppy ears

Cats and kittens, some with paws like mittens


Now I’m old and retired and living alone

It’s so quiet and lonely, just me in my home

So I’ll get a cat, or a kitten might better do

It won’t be exciting, but least there’ll be two


Oh, what I’ve been missing, it’s amazing to me

So much fun, so much laughter, so much energy

And then the quiet moments, curled up in a ball

On the couch, the bed, my slippers left in the hall


I marvel and wonder upon this little creature

As she sleeps I gaze upon her every feature

Little pink pads on the bottom of her paws

And a tiny pink nose, I believe she has no flaws


The most magic moments are at night when in bed

Her warm little body lying cross the top of my head

The soft sound of purring tells of no fear ever to be

Oh, what I’ve been missing, it’s amazing to me


Eileen “2011