He is so happy playing with my cats, running and hiding under
the pine trees, the blackberry bushes, and the woods below,
he also loves sleeping on my porch, I’m happy he’s here.

  His name is Aleister and he just walked away.

This past March my granddaughter Chelsea and her parents packed up everything and moved to Texas.

I asked Chelsea to please leave him with me. As you read you’ll see that Aleister already was staying on the big deck and my back porch, he loved it their !

He also enjoyed playing in the woods in the back yard and playing with my cats Dixie and Little Girl.

I was certain he would be happy here rather then be shipped off to a new and unknown place.

He seemed to be content and settled into his new arrangement, but he would not come into my house even though one night it was cold and raining. I put a large towel on the chair that he slept in on my porch

and felt he would stay warm and be fine.

He was just fine and as the days began to warm up I was sure that Aleister was going to become a permanent member to my family.


Two weeks had gone by and things seemed to be going well when one day,
I remember so well because I was in my living room staring out the big
picture window, when I saw Al walking on the other side of our fence.
I never saw him on that side of the fence before so just watched him walk slowly down the hill and into the woods.

I have not seen Aleister since that day.


 Aliester sleeping on the bench on the big deck while my Little Girl is asking him to wake up and go for a walk with her. See, he was happy here….I’m still holding on to some hope he will come back home.

Chelsea has moved back home to Kentucky….where are you Aliester ?